The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1907

1 set TWENTY THE PITTSBURG PRESS FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 1, 1907 TOE AAM 1 BHOKERS. llMPlESS i a. SHOWED BETTER TONE The Stock Advanced Sharply On a Single Transaction. Manufacturers Light Heat Steady Crucible Steel Common Given Some Support Friday, March 1. The Pittsburg market was very dull this moraine, sales of tods having been but 2,0o7 chares. Of this total Cable Consolidated contributed shares, which sold at ‘AH cents, or a cent lower, and Shoshone furnished 400, 136rliJ. the latter 14 lower. In the regular list, Pittsburg Coal preferred was stronger and higher, advancing 1, to 57 on a single transaction. Manufacturers Light & Heat was steady and ai wnue there was better support to Crucible Steel common, which ota ai MXjjy ror 3 shares. The preferred did not trade. Kire Proofing; was tiagiier ai o’a and the preferred again traded at 25;. Union Switch was unchanged at M’a and the rights continued w ecu at fa. 1 Quotations at 1:30 p. m. were: there has been no pressure on legitimate liquidation that we could see and we belleva that around thene levels the market U a better purchase than a sale. It Is true that comorate criit ha r-u–i i , , . ” J . Bcere itjuw. 1 , : ‘ ” , . t.uc tne market has had an enormous de- ‘ “-niulse- corrected daily for The Pitts-cline discounting It. The result of the Inter- 1 urg ress by Whitney, Stephenson & THE DAY IN WALL STREET. New Tork, March 1. Prices In the first hour, after slight fractional gains In the hrst few minutes, declined on to two points. London was a seller during the first half nour, especially of Missouri, Kansas & lexae. Heading and Union Pacific. The sales in all amounted to 15.000 snares. Government bonds unchanged; otners arm. The market continued extremely weak ail tnrough the forenoon, and declines from prices prevailing at the end of the first hour were sustained in nearly all the active issues. The large room traders caused most of tne losses recorded. The following table shows the prices of active stocks on the New Tork Stock Pittsburg Bank Stocks-Allegheny National Iiamond National Karmers Deposit National.. German Savings & Deposit. Lnion National Trust Company Stocks Pittsburg Trust Co Safe Deposit & Trust Co… Iron City Trust Co Merchants Sav. & Trust Co Insurance Stocks Ben Franklin German ……… Mining Stocks Cable Consolidated Tonopah Extension. Arizona Treasury H. M. Cor Peg. Con. M. M. & T. Co.. Montg. Shoshone Cons Mitchell Mines Co , Interior M. & T. Co Pittsburg Lead & Zinc Ross M. & M. Co Natural Gas Stocks JVffrs. Light & Heat Ohio Fuel Electric Stocks Westinghouse eecond .. Miscellaneous Stocks-Consolidated Ioe do pref Crucible Steel do pref Harbison-Walker Refrac. … Marsden …… Mon. River Coal pref Monongahela Water National Fireproofing do pref Pittsburg Brewing Co Pittsburg Coal Co Pittsburg Plate Glass Co TT. S. & Signal Co Westinghouse Machine Westinghouse Airbrake American Sewer Pipe Independent Brewing do pref Bid. Ask. 161 898 49 IV 7 43 BONDS. City Railway Bonds Pittsburg & Birmingham Miscellaneous Bonds Mon. River Coal 6a Philadelphia Co. 5s Pittsburg Brewing Co. 6s… Independent Brewing 1st 6s.. Ex-coupon. loovj . . 112 lOfW 107 103 10:00 to 10:3O a. m. i’j snares jurrs. Urtt Heat., 14W A. i”‘1”- K”t k neat.. 10 shares Mfrs. Light & Heat.. 14V tnare I’nmn switch s.. 85 o snares u a. steel pref imu, nCi cViirati Pitts – m J 100 scares Cable Cons. as w cuuea on os none . 10i3o to IliOO a. m. V shares Cable Consolidated… 5 shares Firerjrooflnir nrf CO shares Fireproofing “” ki ltf Sharon Vrtmr.- “7 — — – – t” OTuiiK ……… 10 shares Crucible Steel 10 shares fmr-lM. cti ” 100 shares Sewer Pipe U irn!on Switch Rights 1S8 Union Switch Rights .38 251.4 10 10 21V4 11,00 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. B5 shares Crucible Steel jr 25 shares PrnriWo c..i 250 shares Crucible Steel WT.’.W .” U shares Union Switch fui IRA -i ti rem O V, 1 . . . . ” iVwi , “”jiiojio .Mining 100 shares Shoshone Mining cnosnone Mining 20O shares Interior Mining 3 rn n fwltch R.ghts. .. 23TJnon Switch Rights… 27 Unlon.Swltch Rights… 1 f ‘ 12:30 to ltOO p. m. 10 shares Mfrs. Light & Heat. . TRADERS’ GOSSIP. .The stock market MV4 13 13 13 .37 .37 I ll’x fiT’J mtvi 1 vy tone poor. .. v. ana . “-“‘” chocks purchased yester-t7, TJZ1? rrvT offered andThe to eaUTet ? hort selling;. The advance “Lff” mi0″py to 6 per cent soon after the penin helped to create bearish senUrnent isea showed deSSSi extending from 1 to 8 per cent, while Ana-blt J6’ American Smelting wL J, nil “,, 1 X ” na tno ar,y advance POinta in Consolidated Gas wa9 lost “”aor tne sec-ond hour. Sales to Canadian Pacific for January, fhowefl a SnSf” 217-183 “1 a net decrease aLlai ” Gro6 earninas Increased , xiiuiasea l.eH.3ttl for seven months. -..–fTiraJ1 Central for January increased ros rr.U VJr “ft ‘OOl. r $1,124,980 gross uw. xur seven, months. Exports of copper for February were 9 07” tons, a decrease of 6.729 tons. Exports if or two months were 26. Ill tons, a decrease of 4,897 tons. A “,rr,8P”ndfnt says: “No doubt a laree number of stockholders, and assisted by short in regard to the Manufacturers Light & Heat Co. They assume th.t ” fleal t. be suspended for four years, which is not the case. After making the annual payment cn account of debt, directors can do as they piease and the amount Is not so larp- as to preclude dividends. The company had C.ib0 000 cash and M1.M accounts receivable oJan-ary 1, 1907. to meet $750,000 to be paid by July 1. so have all this year to make up for What purpose the directors choose. No doubt earninRs will be larger this year than K Judging by present Indications, and if , the dividend ts not so far awav as some oris think. The bonds which were authorET-d this week are not a debt until sold and are held as collateral by the bank. Net earning will no doubt run close to $3,000 00O and S their business Is practically casn the difference between the amount to be paid annually -o the Colonial Trust Co will nave more than sufficient for a dividend. an Charles M. Schwab Intimates that the an.n President Rcbert C. Hall, of th- rt…. Btocfc Exchange, has returned h. t ‘ Vjrlnla Hot Springs. Mr. Hall savs thr York and Philadelphia brokers and stock mar ket traders are decidedly bearish, but thinks too many people get bluest at the bottom. mhih Valley for January increase,! grons 488. but net decreased 3f.490. while for rmnths. gross increased $850,491. and The Cambria Iron Co. has declared the usual semi-annual dividend of 2 r-er rent payable April 1. Cent” j Superior A Pittsburg will prohablv be lifted cm the Bcston Stock Exchange in” t. .1’. 1 uiuir. – 1 1 Thirteen railroads, for January, shewed a r;.,”(:r!’as 1 $2.SM.057 and a net Increase .’TUBi.TZf. or l!i..-.10.4o2 gross and $6.41.940 .1 hosfor evn months. state commerce s investigations of Mr Ham man es to have bten the factor most feared by the market. Mr. Harriman’s testimony revealed nothing practically that was not already known, but if the result nf who was elicitated from him in the Atchison arid Union Pacific transactions will be that hereafter officers of corporations will be prevented legally from acting in the so-called dual capacity transactions by which most of the fortunes in this country have been accumulated at the expense of stockholders; It will certainly be a bnefl Uo stockholder In general. Confidence has had mi,, hinw i. will recover and the indications are ‘that it . B4″”i” 10 convalesce now; therefore, w oeneve that the market for securities should iinruvc. rcaamg has again been conspicuously weak on rumors of a note issue. The ship subsidy bill will be voted on today. dui us passage is doubtful. The currency bill t-rouaoiy passei after 3 o’clock. M- ‘R eaver This market has had so much or a reaction that a further movement in that direction cannot conei Kontiv k. Pected. The best Dolicv now Is to nimo i long side of the market, buying on reactions, rather than attempting to make turns on the ‘ ;l’ ‘ – BMC W Itn fitlirka UPlMni, a a 1. 1 uity orrer good returns as investments ana prosperity In evidence on n .11.. ti . iu susuini; a Deansn position. It la ‘v’1 ” i iineiy mat mere will Yv an-r t.,i Humphries Miller The market developed a reactionary tendency, owine- to nrofl i.uin. and partial elimination of the short Interest l”c ?narp aavance of yesterday. Sentiment Is conservatively hopeful, but apprehension regarding oming government action as result of the Interstate Commerce hearing is a deterrent factor. Miller & Co. Stocks bought yesterday to support the market were sold again today and as the market was not In a position to digest them there was a decline all along the line. We still believe we are In a bear era and stocks can be sold on all hard Harry- A. Marlin Although Copper stocks acted well, as compared with some other active L-sues, there was again no response to the remarkable advance of three pounds a share in Rio Tinto In London. Both Southern Pacific and Union Pacific show uncertainty. The completion of the Harrlman investigation removes a disturbing influence, but the threat of suits arising out of the evidence has become Co.: iOpen.;High.i Low. 1:30. wo. vv. aiacMullen & Co. The market had o buuq reacuon tnis morning with no new to account for the fresh Renin Thr. i . good short interest and we think that stocks auouiu nave a rurther rally. flearlng House Figures. through the Pittsburg” Clearing House made uuuniug uumparisons: Exchangea Rntancea roday $11.17o..x7 9f $1.961. We 53 r j iu,iM,ao yn 2,319.277 96 MINING NEWS AND NOTES. On the Nevada Wonder sacking proceeds dally and a large amount of high grade ore is ready for shi was received at the mine a few so ana these are being filled rapidly. Two gasoline hoisting olan ta ha v hon nur. cnasea aggregating 50 horsepower. The high vaiues round on the surface are Improving with depth. At the Jack Pot the same grade of ore is oping sacaea in the main workings, and on the new vein reeentlv discovered on the Grand View claim rock of sensational value Is being extracted. This new body is strong and well denned and numerous large specimens from it are plastered thick with horn silver and will run under ansav O.UUUI. o,uw. tne gooa values also being high. me penn-Wyoming Copper Co. is exnecte to produce 50,000 pounds of copper per day on and after March 15. The railroad to the property rrom Wolcott. on the t;ninn Pi cine, will be completed in about 90 days. The Tennessee Copper Co. is said to be earning at the rate of $150,000 net per month, or per snare per annum on the stock. The shipments of ore from the Tnnnmh camp last week were as follows: Tonooah aiming tjo..; Montana Tonopah, 350 tons; lonopah i-xtension. 196 tons: Relmont . Duunnjr, ui ions; west r. na, 2o tons. The shipments from the Goldneld camp n.uiuuxiiea lo ,3Ji9 tons. An entirely new vein, the cresenco nf whfo. has hitherto been unsuspected, la reported in me aiciviniey ri mine. 75 feet below th sunace. ine company will give no informa tion regarding it except that it is one cf the Dest on the property. The Kendall Gold Mining Co. has declared a dividend of three cents per share, payable march ine ureen tioia-Bllver Co. offers until March 15. at noon, 100.000 shares of Its 8 per cent cumulative preferred stock, of a par value of $10 per share, at $7.60. All stock not bought by the stockholders will be taken by an underwriter. BUYERS AND SELLERS. Ppeer Bros, sold 250 Crucible Stnel o TfK inson .Bros. MacMullen & Co. sold Shoshone to ParMnr uiu ocuu), rainier at eecn. Carothers sold Sewer Pipe to HalL Scully, Painter Beech bought Fireproofing. Masten sold Cable Consolidated to WettengeL Preston. Watt & Schover aoM preferred. ‘ Carothers sold Pitfahm-o- r- i . Pproul. ” lu Iarr. Luke & Mnoro sn.i Mnrri. ts Co. sold Switch rights to Ppeer Bros. London Cloning Quotations. (Reported ttT Millar a i- Anapnnna “,;’ Atchison 7,oT Canadian Pacific 1,6 8 t. Paul Erie do first nrpfpmM Illinois Central XlUlSVllle Nashvtlla New York Central Pennsylvania Keaaing Southern Pacific “. Inion Pacific . Cnlted States Steel .. do preferred 146 . 34 156″! 12: 12rt 1204 110- 92 Mli 104 v. H H 4- H H U – H Oil Field Notes. Tit, an7″ rather drastic recommendations will h – ‘ cr tne Harrlman in flation before the Inter-State Commerce -jlsslon. oT Nw Haven’s Pari, ioan of 145 000000 h franc loan has been listed on the Bos- ock Exchange. MARKET OPINIONS. rrsar- Painter Be-ch The reactionary ti” b iT ‘has” br’ “f tarnsactlons. The J?ni has oeen . mh wno have I f fl n marking prices down in the “”‘j ficviaj Duyuig awer. Pn Buffalo run. Grant H(eif tp.. t .!U’1vy V ,he Kanakha Oil Co. drilled ts No. SO on tha .irhn xrni- – Big Injun to the Gordon nAZlT gasser m the lower sand. ‘ North Of the Cnmnhtl. T j : -. : . . Pen; MonrV” nty f?”n.0n. Cn- completed its test cn theiT.o,,! xiaugnt farm and it i9 producing 17., barrel. nay from the fourth sand. On Dry run Ellswo.v, i.,i. county, the Drv Rim 01 iyier i.’1,”’58″” farm te holding up at”26. barrels a day and is now the oucer in the lower soulhwest On Fallen Timber run. Wetzel county the inceuUobar C rI-T Cr 1n H”-k countv. Jon H ‘fm ?n?oitheeatVhanvetha Berrarrna WKb”W Pucer Vr’the On McK m crek, McKim district, Pleasant, county Ellsworth Davis drilled their’ ten cn the Jonathan Powell farm into the Cow aYl 11 S4!35 ” ,he.J” D- farm ha. a light pumper in the first Cow Run sand -No. 2 on the lsm- farm has started to drill th- TlhWi:’ Creek district, Jeffers,n county the Jackson Oil Co. drilled its No k “J , . J” “”iu into ine salt Allis, Chalmers.. do pref Amal. Copper … Anac. Copper Am. Car & F’dryf Amer. loco. . . . Am. Smelting .. do pref Amer. Woolen . do pref At. Coast Line.. B. & O B. K. Transit Can. Pacific … C. & O Con. Gag C. Q. W Colorado Fuel . . Cotton Oil CoL Southern … IX & R. G- Del. and Hud Erie Gt, Northern Gen. Elecertc… Inter. Paper Interb. Met K. & T Jersey Central… National Lead .. do pref Central Leather., do pref Missouri Pacific.. M..St.P.& S.St.M. do pref National Biscuit. Nashville N. Y. Central Norfolk & West North American. Northwest Ontario & West.. pacific Mall P. R. R Peoples Gas… Press’d Sfl Car do oref Pitts. Coal do pref Reading Ky. Steel Spg.. Repub. Iron do pref , Rubber pref…. Rock Island…, do pref 6. Railway …. do pref ……. S. Pacific , 1414 34 4414 14014 1141 102! llbMj 110 1S.5 5034 137 15 4. 32 3 26 3414 ltJ3 14V4 34 U lllii 296 44 72: 140V4 110 70 183 504 1404 15T4 44 321.4 34′ j 26 341,4 1(53 U, 158″4 158 1 i lei 13 341;, 109 43j 72 137T4 ll4t; ll4-j 32Vit 32 102Vii 10l libi lloVJ, Sugar St. L. & S. W… do pref St. Paul Texas T. St. L. & W. . TJ. Pacific IX. S. Steel do pref TJ. S. Steel 5s… Va. Car. Chem. Wabash …. do pref Western Union W. & L. E North. Pacific 33 4414 100 o 1 y IWs 11 146 S214 I-S’n; 84Va SO 162 43Mi 331 o4 4WV4 97 01 44 204Mi; 10( 37v; 10.-s 7914 12194 146 82t4 1154 52 33; 106V. 55& 25i 79 131 23 55 145 33 125, 4?i 80 162 43 33 129 fill 49 97 15 57 116 52Vfc 33 9S 106 24 56: 25 79 131 23 55 146 33 28! 171 171′ A 11 1 A ‘ 103 98 33 15″4 314 12 146 13 34 109 291 43 72 137 114 32 STEEL EARNINGS AND PROSPECTS So far this rear there has been no interruption to the activity of the mills of the United States Steel Corporation, and unless there ia some Interference In March, the corporation’s returns for the first quarter will be up to expectations. March is generally the most satisfac tory manufacturing month of the year, and It would not be surprising if a new high record in the matter of income was established. October, 1906. broke all previous high monthly records in the matter of earnings, says the Wall Street Journal. They were $14,984,926, or more than 100) in excess of earnings in the corresponding quarter of 1904. The earnings of the Steel Corporation in the first Quarter of 1906 were $36,- 534.490, as compared with $23,H.r25,S96 in the corresponding quarter of 1905. In order o exceed the record breaking figure in the last quarter of 1906, earnings for the first Quarter of this year will have to run close to $42,000,000. This would represent a jump or $19.uuu.k A 1 .,r,,rt.n i n r nlliirtPr ftf liOfi iviTH XI mil Lilt; i.viiMiau’ue, ‘i 1164 when earnings were $23,025,896. 109 The eamines of the United States Steel 70 181 49 137 10!t 70 lOITi 49 137 15 15S 34 JJ4 204 161 1584,1 ID’ 33j 43 4V2 &s 100 37141 3iil The raoid transit commission of Pitts- loi 10ij I burg councils will hold a meeting tonight .11 1 .1.1 ‘ 1 . . , a a j -. ; . ‘ 1 47-th 1 11 T ua roomn on i ill’ nun 1 1 1 x I 1 1 1 i.ilv Hall. The outstanding reports of two 14P j 146 i .nmmttlaaa n franhiao DuUd hv ?r7l . th Pittshnre Suhwav Co. will be re- MORE REPORTS ON THE SUBWAY l62-Panifl Trnni rnmtniRiinn of 15H: “” ” 15″ 9 33 43 204 60 100 374 Councils Will Meet Tonight 103 98 32 15i,4 3iy4 82 12 146 i 128i 84 ‘ 80 160 43 33 1 93 49 97 14 57 114 33 98 1″6 24! 00 24 78V OOT 2H 55 145 33 28V4 170 43 103i 98l 3 15V 31 82 12 144 . . . . . 1 nit hs celved. The executive committee will wi.i- ! report, also the committee on engineering. 80 I Joseph C. Wasson, chairman of the 160 commission, saia-mat wnen tne report 43 01 tne commission is made to councils 33 an ordinance will probably accompany it, 12S embodying the recommendations in the 93 report. It will be for councils to act at 49 once on the reriort and the ordinance. under the law. will have to be sent to the corporations committee of councils-It is understood that the subway company Is trying to hurry the commission. This may be due to the fact that the Pittsburg Elevated Railway Co. has announced It will ask for a rehearing on its application for charters for streets named In the charters granted to the 25 subway company and will make the argu-78 ment that the charters should be granted, 91 I as the subwav conmanv has had its charters for a year and has not yet succeeded In obtaining franchises from the city. 15 57 114 52 33 98 106 2414 00 GIRL ATTACKED; MAN CAPTURED Ex-dividend Noon sales w5.80O shares. 130 23 55 145 33 28 17 O 43 103 9S 32 151 31 10 I While on her way home from McMiclv 44ii. aels school in Versailles township, yes- A I ,-…,1.. A t T . 1 T T” A1A . J 11 years, and daughter of George Hoff man, residing at Jacks Run, in Versailles lownsnip, was wayiaia ana attacked by a man. The alleged assailant gave his name an vvncox. Xhe Opening and 1 O’clock tlrima m lti I Tho atta-b wa, mAi In an Vm Chicago Board of Trade, together with the near the school and as the little girl previous closmsr. as fumlKha , tlt-i I . . i… ” , 6 rbnurt ocKchln- ISSi Md out and caught Ihe girlT tyTng tort of Traae tb” Chlcaso hfr and gagging her. A short time 1 Tm afterwards the girl was able to reach her father who was drilling a gas well near 77.; ny and told him ol the crime. He gath ‘7 ered a posse and after a chase of about two miles, caught Wilcox near Cast Mo- 4f neesport. T.r? I Wilcox, when he was arrests mala. t statement at all. but said that his home 42ti was ln Jt.ast AlcK-eesport. Wilcox was 37-i given a hearing last night by Sauire E 82 C. Richards and was committed to Jail I without tin n fnr aah-w a iv,a v. 1 187 last n1,lt the girl parUally identified her CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Board of Trade, are as follows Wheat Close May 7754 July 71 September 78 Corn Mar July . …… (September .. Oats Mav …….. July September . . Pork Mav 1K2 July 16 .65 Lard May 0.75 July B.77 September 9.82 Short Rlba May 007 July 8.20 September ….. 47 46 46 42 37 82 Open 77 7H 77 47 46 46 42 37 32 16.50 16.60 0.70 , 9.75 0.8O 9.05 9.12 9.15 16.37 0.62 9.63 9.77 assailant. RECEIPTS FOR REPAIRS. j to snow Aiiegea uamig-rn 917 I Cansed by Ore Dust. – I Local Live Stock Market Judge James S. Toung today continued , ” tne hearing upon the application for at- Frlday. March 1, 1906. tachment for contempt against the Jones J. B. Huff & Co.. live stock commis-ion mer- & Laughlin Steel Co. officials, trrnwinc nut chants, report receipts and quotations, as fol- I ot tne case in which an injunction was 1 6″””cu rfeiriuiiiiiK tne comDav rrom tne Cattle Supply light; market steady. We coinuing tne ore dust nuisance. quote: Choice. 1.400 to 1.6OO ih s 7rua.1t on. A , u,urer witnesses were neard this crime 1 vta t 1400 ik. k tiwan munuus, many 01 wnom produced re- Tto1’?.1: ‘P? for money paid out for repairs to 1.0S0 to l.loO. 4.60(a5.15: fair. 900 to 1 O00 lbs.. $4.1l(g4.50; choice heifers $4.5)!5rVOcv common to fair heifers, $2.504.O0; bulls. 12 50 4.4.50; fat cows. S2.O0’S4.25: eoort rrh and springers, $2550; common to fair. $16 sand and The Petroleum Market. The Standard made no change m r-Iix. lir. prices. Quotations now standi P,nsvTvan Ifi?’!1 73: P”ns”‘ dark. r?yona 1.73: Corning. $1.12: New Castle 11 37. bal. 1.20: North Lima. 92c: South Lima, it fand st. S7c; Princeton. 6c: R- but ti n i’Z ;”-“‘ vmrn man m per, and ‘ 11.63 for second wad. Sheep and Lambs Snnnlv ifh. . steady. Prime wethers. 95 to 10r lhs O.o; good mixed, t to 90 lbs, $5.6 ‘fau-mixed, 75 to lbs. S4. 65(35.25- rniia common, $2.003.0O; lambs. ?5.ti07.90; veal calves. $9.oo9.50; heavy and thin, $4.505 00 Hogs Receipts. 20 doubla drvkc r,i,. i.i cents lower. Sales were: Prime heavy hoes mediums yorkers and pigs. $7.30; roughs, $6.J0 a0 bO; stags, $5.00S5.75. LOYAL WELSH CELEBRATE Anttlvemarj of Patron Saint Refute Re-membered. Pittsbure’ U’ekhmuT, , . bratmg the anniversary of the birth of tneir patron saint ria -via v, .1 – , 11. rill mcy LltS lieve saved their native land by bringing back its people to the simple faith of tneir rathers. Pittsburg members of the Cambrian Societv riinoH , … . banquet served at the SwV . “”‘”,””s fl C5,fr’-n on Dlthridge street. Following t he dinner, at which 125 guests’ sat down a program of snppi-hca 4 ; bers was givenf num- Thomas E. Jones m-torf a t . nd talks were given bv John on “Th life of St. David”. A. j” Edwards, on “The Day We rPiont.. Tfl Thomas. “Good Tidings.” Rev” John R Thomas. Rev. T? c r,:.. .,” t: Evans. Rev. n r “V” nowe Rev Ti iV rZ?’ va-11 Jones ana and D. Lloyd Jones. Mulca ” nurn”: Scott rMfered by- Mrs- Edith Harris COtt. MlSS Bess P Mnrrla f .1 j aughn, Joseph Jenkins and T.’p. Harris. Typhoid Cases Reported. There were five cases of tmhnM reported to the bureau of health for 24 ” u'”s ai noon today. There were two cases in the Twenty-seventh ward ana one case each in th Pi0vnt, -t-. teenth and Sixteenth wards: riinhVhari,” one case each In the Twenty-second and i Thirty-ninth wards. There was one r i or scarlet fever reported rrom the Nineteenth ward. tneir dwellings, alleged occasioned hv damages resulting from the ore-dust fall ing upon tnem. Judge Young notified the attornevs that he would sit tomorrow to continue the nearign . Corporation for the first quarter over a series of years follow: T 1906 1905 1904 Fhl ‘”-S?6-3,75 “.810.847 $ 2.8H8.213 MaSy ‘S?75 . 43 4.640.67: March 13.819.64Q 9.55,586 6.036.346 Vy V;-C31.534’t9’J 23.025,896 J13.443.232 lhe weather has been rather severe in the steel districts this month, and deliveries have been held back to some extent. W hat effect this will have on earnings Is not generally known. One thing is certain, specifications have been coming in more rapidly than ever before in the history of the steel corporation, and as wHF 8 Suc? condition, continue, there will be no falllnar off in wmtZL i creased earnings this year will be grought an larfely by nlgher Pricd material rnrn nfmition of old contracts, the margin of profit on which waa very nar- Stefr SJaf. “”.States cornDlPt .n ” r,L practicauy ahmit j.. : us appearance bean 5 of “onth. It will tionTs nn;;r uigest or the corpora. wm oont,n8foi: ar lOoeTand matlnn v ui more inror- i no report for the year 1905. MONDAY IS THE MONEY MAN DAY 5avo Vm. C i n w-.w wu ouuuay rress as It May Bring You a $2 Bill .”yQ ..r1″ ‘ la day for an j”‘, ou””y x-ress readers. The Sun- r,tZ, forf Aloney Man wltl Ptty – ” “is pocxet will start out . “lornlnS in quest for 100 ZX.iT a lno aunaay i-ess. He will call kLi many homes and ring the door . v, a.L tne ooor. When you re spond to the call he will ask von t vo.. tIL a 010mPiete copy o Th Sunday -ress. Should you have been provident U.. w uuy tne Sunday edition of The KrP’tia q rii it t a. .a. o iTTi Dtvo ne win naad you a t, to be on th alert for … -wucy iiin and to remember that he wui not consider anything but a complete copy There must not be a page coSm- fthould he ca on you and you can only show him part of the paper he rrt:L r ciose ma purBe against you. from the first page to the last. Do not “i,””;’ ilKe a tady upon whom he called last week. She could only lament-n,gly fay: “Why you had but come ill “””Ules sooner. There is my Sunday vrd8 cons,umil?S n the fire ln the back yard. I had it all thmh qh j i. every page, but we always destroy our . a . vii muuuay, ine wise thing is to save your Sunday Press, for you can- ,a wnat iIonday the Money Alan Sometimes when the Money Man calls the people are out. He lets them know i7,Tr “nere by leaving his card, iiut the card is only a sorrowful reminder of what you might have been ahead had .rw ucc on tne spot. Another thing, you cannot tell lust what Hm. .. this disinguished visitor will call. Some- “‘u:a e cans very early in the morning; mo-yoe iate ln the afternoon. The sarest plan is to make Monday a home day and you will not be worried by the remorse of finding hia card suggesting tnat had you been at home you would haye been richer by the gift of a $2 Letters like the following speak in cer- nes or what people think of the Money Man and also of the Sunday I take pleasure ln acknowledging the receipt of $2 from your Money Man I have been saving the Sunday Press since the Money Man came into existence, and am certainly glad my patience has been rewarded by hia visit. I have been a subscriber to the Sunday Press ever since it was first published and would be luai wunoui it. in, fact there Is no Sunday paper that can take its nlno rt, i : ‘,,’lUrs- lla Marsnaii. 323 Corry street, Allegheny, Pa.” BENNETT APPROVES BILL IaJli ot Heaaare to Permit Tl.ln I at Raee Track. – “in oi unot island Zi. a cr ODUUB, said tnis morning that the organization is not responsible for the Introduction r,t a Viin i v, i lature by Representative Charles J. Mesta re6autnS ueiung at norse races. He ex- vieoocu iiirnsen in lavor or the bill how ever. Mr. Bennett exDressed th nnlnlnn many people will favor the hill wlrn restrictions it contains. He referred particularly to the fact that all pool selling ,uuoi. jjicii-e at tne tracK and no liquor selling is to be permitted at the A Hit-A Fit That’s It! 1 M Anything you buy at the Griswold is all risht. f& loure sure to nnd lust what vou want hem in fit. – 7 style and price. Come and prove this for yourseelf. All the latest ideas in shoes and oxfords are now in. You never saw such an arrav. BEST VALUES ALWAYS I D5 8.10 Harbison & Walker Refractories Pfd. at present price ($74) pays the above. HrlvBt- Wlrra Gut W’Mt. 1IU3IPHRIES MILLER, 618 and 61S Farmers Bank Bulldin. Telephone Grant … Gentlemen’s Shoes and Oxfords $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4, $5 and $6. IS Ladies’ Shoes and Oxfords $2, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4 and $5. ts Boston Coppers My own private wire direct.- Pittsburg to Boston Call me on telephone, telegraph or write me for Quotations on Boston Stocks Orders executed promptly. Margins reasonable. R. r,1. WEAVER, 223 Diamond St., Pittsburg, pa. Lennox Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 82 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 217 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 60 State St., Boston, Mass. The DnionTrustCo. of Pittsburgh 335. 337, 339 FOURTH AVENUE. CAPITAL SURPLUS $1,500,000 $23,000,000 FOREIGN TRAVEL The risk and inconvenience of carrying money while traveling can be avoided by using our Traveler’s Circular LETTERS OF CREDIT which enable tourists to obtain the money of the different countries where they travel as they require it DIRECTORS H. C. Frlck P. C. Knox W. N. Frew D. E. Park J. S. Flnley JT. M. Schoonmaker H. C. McEldownev William B. Schiller B. F. Jones, Jr. James II. Loekhart A. W. Mellon Geo. E. Shaw J. M. Loekhart Henry Phlpps E. C. Converse Geo. I. Whitney li. C. Fownes R. B. Mellon Wm. O. Park Thomas Morrison. HIGH GRADE INVESTMENT BONDS FOR SALE Established 1871. All Facilities. Whitney, Stephenson & Company, Members of All Exchaga. Deal all toeka d boads aad srrala la aay quantity, (or cash or on margin. We solicit your areaaat I BANKERS & BROKERS 410 WOOD STREET, PITTSBl’RG, PA. ESTABLISHED 1880. ..V ri Member New York, Phlladrlnhln. Cbleaaro anl Il- burK Mtoek Exchange. and Cblcaxo Board of Trade. Why Leasers Usually Make “Good” who’ tnoLrU1?.?15!?,0? n touch with people tionev in rhu t inh iv. “i ‘?u the bluest losrical enfir: T ‘.”S,” uccu “mue y lasers. This ia , A 1oacr. .” ” ipurauon must select nroductiv o-ronnri r, , . lnFthe T mining of tnTLll 11?? rate quickly, thu. Insur- poBsibu time. These i”””..or.ors In th? sho But Kewn.. i..i v,o ,r ravr or a I,. rtt.-e-t Jl ever put ln Camp, surface assays i showing SSO tr a ton and a shaft over 100 ft. deep showing sulphides S tC SELLING NOW AT 25c A SHARE Cappeau, Lemley Sh Miller Co. 1608-9-10 Machesney Bldg., Pittsburg. Bell. 3531 Court, p. A, 511 Mala. Morris, Brown & Co, 225 Fourth Avenue. BAJTKEltS AND aSOaUERaV M’mturi Maw Tork ehne, C k I . tZZ arunarr aaarkata. iUard at Traaa, Bunion Shoes for m n an wnmn Schmidt Shoe Store, 614 Smithfleld St. r A Famous New York Hatter Makes SPECIAL SALE OF Latent Song Successes t Hamilton’s, 531-533 Wood St. l.c EACH OR 3 FOB SOc. Hamilton-s Music Dept. will place on special sale tomorrow (Saturday) all .eSt -?Zns PlKs at 17c each or three for otc. The following, among scores of others, from which to choose: ‘ Bird on Nellie s Hat,” “The Tale the “T;irrh eills Tolled.”‘ “San Antonio.” . ” P Anything in the World for You ” ir the Man In the Moon Were a Coon” When the Orioles Come North Again'” “Song of the Robin.” etc. Choice at onl.- 17c. Orders for single copy by mail must include one cent for postage. W’e will prepay postage on orders amounting to oOe or more. ,Th s- Hamilton Co. (Hamilton Hall) 531-5.13 Wood Sf, Pittsburg. The Home of the Angelus. Standard Investment Bonds. Tha Colonial Trust Co.. No. 317 Fotirth -.venue. Pittsburg. Pa., has for sale a variety of bonds yielding the purchaset from SH to 6 per cent, which tt recommends as desirable investments. Inquire of Alexander C Thompson, manager bond cepartment- Capital and Surplus Established iaia $5,100,000 Thfl Assets. $25,000,000 Bank of Piilsburgii National Association Invites your account not on the promise of what it is going to do, but on its record for prompt and efficient service extending over nearly a century. i refit. nncx Bertoy Our aim is not to issue many styles, but to bring forth only such fashions that have intrinsic worth. We recommend the fiat brim Annex derby for one and the curled brim Court derby for another, and then there are about a dozen other new shapes here which, together with our usual staple styles, gives you a very complete stock of spring styles to choose from. Finest hats at $6, $4 and $3 ; next best at $2.25 and $1.75. tt Getting Twa Stores i fm w!i o itr k. -a V DERBY m I 1 a’- The (olomiaiTrvst (smpany 17 FOURTH AVE. 31431 S DIAMOND ST Capital, Surplus and Profits Over $10,000,000.00. Long periods and low rates of interest on loans may be secured by depositors in this Trust Company. An Exceptional Offer. 1st Mortgage Bonda to Net 5.94 J8 Mprtjgrase Honda to Net 6.10 2nd Mortgage Bonda to Net 7.69 I The securities are excellent. ‘ GEO. W. MAC MULLEN A CO. ‘ ‘ 704-5-8-7 Bank for Savlag-e Balldlasr. Pittsburg. A. E. MASTEN & CO., BROKERS US Koartta a Vaadersrrlft R.llrtl. rk etuck Ezchsaca, Stx.-k Exchng. Stork Exchana Board of Trade. k Mrtal Bjccbsnsa. ‘ . We mvrm eaclastva Maw Yerk Wire Members (New y Boston ruiiDuri Chlcsgo I Chicago New Yoi M. K. McMULLIN & GO NKW YORK STOCKS, CHICAGO CHAIN AM LOCAL SBCt RHT W 419 WOOD ST. c Safe and Profitable Investments in STOCKS AND BONDS Write for oar saKseattona oa Jlcr York or Local Stocks. L. S. SHIELDS Member Pittsburg- Stock Exchange. 211-212 Farmers Haak Itulldlsc, PITTSBURG. PA. SCULLY, PAINTER & BEECH peoples Bniidias: Bankers and Brokers. NEW YORK OFFICE, Members ( Vork Stock Gxrhai of I Plttsbura; Stuck Kxrbani No. SO BROAD STREET. Plttabnra;. Pa. ge. are. STe. fhtfrVlsTaf TRUST COMPANIES. PRESS ADS WILL HELP YOU REACH THE TOP OF THE T.A nriCT SPEND If Z n n,ake “ad joa vrlll be dtscontruted now and dependent in old igc. SSVE ten P.T.r ot roar Salary, monthly. You won’t mli’Tt “I’l be indenendc.t In the future. WE WANT YOUR ACCOUNT. Guarantee, ULLBai? Trust Co. Pittsburgh FOURTH AVENUE til HIGH GRADE First Mortsasre Boads Netting 0s. and over absolntelr aafa and raadlls convertible Into cash. Write or call. ROBERT C. IIALI. Member PIttsbarc Stack Rxehasstt 240 FOURTH AVENUE. P. A 1058-1B58 Mala. BeU 67-S Canrt It jrou wAUl aoiuw uai tbs stock market is doing, call tu up. if you w&nt to know what itie mai tei u goln to do. call us up or et your nanaa on our mailing llyt for our fraa MARKVa,T blAMOND BROKERAGE CO. aUa-aiytf Uisnnd bank iilda.. Pit bur. Fa. Ball -Pbona 8708 Court. P. a- A ‘ Prion a 2124 Mtn 1 TT ti1a G. I Cbllda. A. M. Brooks C. W. Woods I til K in a. Prlvsta Wlraa Stocks A Bonds Rrmah and Sold In all Markets. Or ttsbur stock KxchansV 9 a.. a l-a B Bell phone COO ourt P. A A. phone iiialn. Henry J. Spuhler, Inc., STOCKS. BONDS aad GRAIN. 240 Dlamosd . (Granit Hoot “H K A. LAWRENCE & CO.. BROKERS IN STOCKS AND BONDS. Members Plttaour 8t-a ffchmi SPEER BROS. No. S4S FOURTH AYE. Stocks and Investment Bonds aiembers Pittsourg Stock Exchang-e. JOHN 15. BARBOUR, J tack aas Boa Bratkaa Ml Tlasea RatlsUasX. ale-afear Plttabaxa; Sta f .1 – … . i . a.aaMaaa ‘ ‘ ‘ – – –

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